What is ATDW?

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse operate ATDW-Online, which is a place for tourism and hospitality business as well as events list their vital information, images and videos. Important and significant tourism and events websites dip into ATDW-Online and pull that information through to their website, exposing your business to new leads. This includes many Regional Tourism and State Tourism websites as well as Tourism Australia, who all have marketing budgets to attract customers to their websites where they can find you.

Events can list for free and in most states (including Tasmania), tourism and hospitality businesses can also list in ATDW-Online for free.

Categories of ATDW-Online include:

  • Accommodation
  • Attractions
  • Hire
  • Restaurants
  • Tours
  • Transport
  • Events that may be appealing to tourists

How do I get in ATDW?

YES you can list in ATDW for free. So why do you need me?  I provide an ATDW listing service to help small businesses and events list in ATDW. I helped develop ATDW-Online and used to manage Tasmania’s tourism database predecessor, TigerTOUR, so I know the system inside and out. Whilst working as the Database Coordinator at Tourism Tasmania I assisted many business to navigate this digital landscape to deliver them leads. I am able to:
  • list your business on your behalf
  • take over the management of your business listings so you don’t have to worry about it
  • explain how state tourism websites work
  • explain how ATDW distributors are using the data
  • help with images of your business
  • troubleshoot

Contact me to build out a plan for all of these services. I am genuinely passionate about the tourism industry and small business. I know how difficult it is to cut through the information-overload and I am here to help. Get in touch for a solution.

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